Bobby Driscoll Letter to Patricia Nolan, November 30, 1951.

      This is the last of a series of letters that a high-spirited Bobby wrote in happier times, at age 14 in 1951 -- extremely touching in retrospect. This letter, accompanied by its Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City envelope postmarked November 30, 1951, tells his girlfriend Pat about his flight to New York, his rehearsals (probably for the 1951 Walt Disney Christmas Show, in which he played Peter Pan), and coyly notes, "Well honey I sure wish you were here not only so I could see you but maybe you could keep me warm." He signs off "With Love Bob" and adds the P.S., "write soon." The letter on Park Sheraton Hotel stationery is two pages long, written in black ink. Bobby had added "Bob Driscoll Room 2141" to the return address on the envelope.

Nov. 30th letter
Nov. 30th envelope