Bobby's items to Pat

Bobby's various items to his then girlfriend Pat Nolan.

Bobby Driscoll's documents to girlfriend Patricia Nolan


     An interesting grab bag of items about Bobby, saved by his teenage girlfriend, Patricia. They include:


1.) a 2.5" x 3.5" snapshot of Bobby at the beach with a pal (Patricia, or someone, has written "Sherwood" and "Bob" on the chests of the boys in the picture).


2.) a 2.5" x 3.5" flower card congratulating Pat on her graduation and birthday and signed "Love Bob.


3.) a note from a doctor at St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank excusing Bobby from active sports due to a right index finger injury.


4.) a cut page from a magazine showing Bobby in the 1951 film When I Grow Up.

5.) a cover or page from what appears to have been a high school notebook, with a drawing of a blonde girl on it, the name "Bob" written in large letters (with the name "Pat" written inside those letters).